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WE ARE CURRENT.LY under construction

Fanapedia is a wiki on all topics including celebrties science tv and soo much more this wiki is under construction and will be worked on more vary soon

We are a non-single topic wiki!

This is a wiki, where, even though one person is a TV fanatic, and the other reads books, they can still both love the same wiki! There is also a large amount of real life things on this wiki. You can read what fans of that genre of entertainment have composed, and generally have a good time!


We want everyone to have fun, but rules must be properly followed, to ensure everyone has a good time!

1. Vandalism is a serious offence on this wiki. If you vandalize, even one page, you will be blocked for at least two weeks.

2. Trolling is also very serious. Being a troll can get you banned forever; no joke.

3. Being nice is always good. If you do not respect other users, and instead be mean and aggressive to them, they may report it to an admin. With ample proof, the admin will deal with the problem.

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